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Subject: Re: Randall Terry
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Date: 6 Dec 1995 20:53:20 GMT
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In article <4a23gu$>,
james a schmidt  <> wrote:
>> [my .sig quote is reproduced below for reference]
>How the hell would you know a Christian Nation if it came up an kicked you in
>the Asshole?
>Hate is never the answer. If you call yourself christian, I defie you to find a
>reference from the new testament on the values of hate.
>What country  are you called on to conquer??

My dear ignorant fool who capitalizes _asshole_ but not _Christian_:

I urge you to find a dictionary.  You know, one of those big,
heavy volumes with little notches cut into the pages so that you
can find the beginning of each letter's listing.

Go to the letter _I_.  Find the word _irony_.  I know you can!
Hint: it's in the first half of the book, before _J_ but after _H_.
Oh, and please look up the word 'defy' as well.  You'll have to
flip back to the _D_ section to find it.

I also urge you to go to your local library.  You're at a university;
I'm sure there's one on your campus -- it's the large building with
books where you have to be quiet inside.  Now do some research on
the following topics (alphabetized for your convenience):

	Abortion, rights to in U.S.
	Christianity, fundamentalist
	Christianity, in U.S.
	Christianity, hypocrisy among followers
	Constitution, of U.S., guarantees of religious freedom in
	Operation Rescue
	Terry, Randall

Lastly, I urge you to learn how to use your newsreader so that you may
more easily unsubscribe from this froup and take your lack of education
about this issue to talk.abortion, where follow-ups have been directed.

as promised:
"I want you to let a wave of hatred wash over you.  Yes, hate is good
 . . our goal is a Christian nation.  We have a biblical duty, we are
called on by God to conquer this country.  We don't want equal time.
We don't want pluralism."  -- Randall Terry, head of Operation Rescue