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From: (Morrisa Sherman)
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Subject: Krazy Kat
Date: 1 Dec 1995 10:48:20 -0800
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Charlotte:  I thought you were going to go pick up some milk.

Reynard:    Oh, I'll go in a couple of minutes.  Just a few
            more pages.  Hyuk heh hee!  Funniest stuff I ever
            did see!  Snk!  Hee hee!

Charlotte:  Why are you laughing? 

Reynard:    Oh, I'm just reading through a collection of Krazy
            Kat comics I found in your bookshelf.  'Bout time
            you lightened up a little.  This stuff is great, 
            isn't it?  That Herriman guy was a genius.

Charlotte:  Oh I agree.  Herriman is certainly a genius.  But
            I never really thought of the Krazy Kat comics as

Reynard:    Oh, what then?

Charlotte:  I always found them to be a surreal and poignant
            commentary on abusive, co-dependent relationships
            and their enabler communities.

Reynard:    Oh god, I don't even want to hear this.

Charlotte:  Typical.

Reynard:    What?  What's typical?  I want to keep enjoying 
            a comic strip, so what, I'm a chauvanist?  I'm in
            denial?  I'm shallow?  What?

Charlotte:  Hey, you said all of that, not I.  I am just amused
            at how quickly you feel the need to defend your
            position of happy ignorance.

Reynard:    Hmph, it's a better position than yours if I get
            to laugh once in a while.  I can at least express
            a little delight, a little joy!

Charlotte:  But I am laughing now, am I not?

Reynard:    Mocking me and making me feel ignorant aren't 
            exactly expressions of innocent enjoyment.

Charlotte:  Oh, I am not laughing at you.  I am laughing with

Reynard:    I believe I stopped laughing quite some time ago.

Charlotte:  Hee, that is not my concern!  Here, this ought to
            cheer you up.  It is very funny.  It is called
            "Why I Hate Saturn" by Kyle Baker.

Reynard:    Oh no you don't.  I'm leaving!

Charlotte:  Indeed?  Could you pick up some milk while you
            are out?