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Subject: Re: the smaller sharp stick
Date: 01 Dec 1995 19:10:58 GMT
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In article <49iqis$> (Ilana) writes:

   In article <>, (M. Legare, etc.) writes:

   > generally, of all the songs to get stuck in your head, 
   > the theme to the "Waltons" 
   > is one of the less onerous.

   Meet the Waltons
   They're a Great Depression family
   From the 
   Blue Ridge Mountains 
   It's a saga of great misery

   Wait a minute, that isn't what you meant?

Don't cry.  It's no reason to get bent.

When you're
with the Waltons
Have a rural, wholesome, good time
a wholesome good time
We'll have a good old tiiiiiime!

(I never thought I've have to bat cleanup after Ilana.)