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From: (John J. Allison)
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Subject: butt fairy
Date: 1 Dec 1995 19:17:30 GMT
Organization: Office of Field and Stream Project Support
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I still believe in the Butt Fairy.
do you?
After all, it's not like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny
or something totally fanciful and unreasonable as that.
Think about it.
A beautiful woman. like Julia Roberts.
Lots of butts to pick up.
who better to do so?

fantasies are broken. even the butt fairy.
not young, sexy. but older, dumpy.
and she'll never finish the job- give a hoot.
but she exists. that's a start and perhaps a sign of good portense.

Now it'll be worse.
Can't smoke in bars, restaurants.
Have to do it in the car.
Butts have no where else to go.
Maybe the knapweed'll burn.
The roots! Get the roots!

[you may have just read a repost? Sorry.]
, jja