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From: (Keith D. Browne)
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Subject: Edges and Omens
Date: 1 Dec 1995 14:26:14 -0500
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Earlier this year, I bought a small anvil on sale: Canadian Tire, 11
lb. model, $10.  The 25 lb. model was $15, but it seemed wrong, too
heavy.  11 lbs. is just the right size for desktop use, almost
ornamental, but still a good heft; a throwing-weight anvil.  I
installed it on the window ledge in my office.  I've lost track of the
number of visitors who've stood by the window, caressing the anvil
with a speculative, gleaming eyes, asking, "D'you suppose it'd go
through?"  Of course it would.

The political situation in the office deteriorated all year.  At the
start of November, I resigned.  When it came time to clear out my
personal effects, I performed a small shamanistic ceremony.  I
decommissioned the anvil, I withdrew the protective juju from the
software I'd written, and I called down a Millenium Without Funk upon
my employers.  I took the anvil home with me.

Less than an hour after I left, the shell server under my desk died.
It's still dead.  Later in the month, the company was bought out by a
larger concern, which brought in a DEC Alpha.  Jokingly, they gave it
the hostname belonging to the dead shell server when they tried to put
it onto the network.  It won't work, even though it worked fine at
their old site.  They've changed the name now, but it still won't
work.  They brought in a switching hub to alleviate congestion on the
network.  After a day in service, it dumped its firmware and refused
to boot.  They've had to replace the hub, too.

Today I'm negotiating with the new owners of the company.  They're
offering me a sizeable salary increase, plus stock options, to stay on
with them.

The anvil waits.

Keith Browne