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From: (Mark. Gooley)
Subject: Xmas decorations
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Organization: Dostoyevskian Characters, plc
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 1995 20:01:07 GMT
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10-foot douglasfir with 710 lights (300 purple, 10 inside translucent
plastic pigs) and too few ornaments, in a place where a 16-foot tree
would have fitted.

75 9-watt bulbs framing the garage door.

300 flashing lights strung in a vaguely Xmas-tree shape on a frame
the shape of an inverted T six feet high (scrap wood: ash, oak,
fir; drywall screws, Titebond II water-resistant glue, tee-shaped
steel plate), visible from a major road two blocks away.

Tools and books strewn everywhere.