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Subject: Re: Celebrity Ratios
Date: 1 Dec 1995 17:40:21 -0800
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Keywords: happy audacity folks!
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Derek A Petrey notes:

>Mr. Rogers : Barney :: The Elder Dan : Jeff Vogel

and while I must beg Rictus for forgiveness

	(while I lay me down to post,
	 I pray the Hep may save my host
	 but while I cost the net a buck
	 I trust that others will fail to suck)

for following up, I just wanted to express my
 complete inability to know how I should feel
 about this comparison. I think I should warn
 you, however, that flattery and insults alike
 will earn the same thing: an evening spent
 administering hand jobs to Vogel, followed by
 a lead pipe to the head.

We're kinda fuzzy on the whole punishment/reward thing.

	--The Elder Dan
	(apologetically crisper)

>George Fourman (sp?): Michael Tyson :: richh : Andrew Solberg

ssc: I've watched boxing (Foreman, in fact) with HWRNMNBSOL.