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From: (Boy Mozart)
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Subject: Rack Divinations
Date: 1 Dec 1995 21:44:05 GMT
Organization: Stevens Hall Indecency Taskforce
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Summary: Tales from the SuperNet
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Red three, black four, red five, black four, black six, red queen, red
"The three consecutive cards, red-black-red, represent a force being
binded by one or two other forces," she told me.  "An even-number bound
represents a force in your own life, whereas an odd-number bound would
represent an outside force that affects yours.  The other black four
represents a force equal to your own bound force that can help resolve
the issues.  The queen is a force that can join a standard--a king--as
well as gather forces of her own."
She placed the red three on the bound black four.  She placed the outer
four on the red five, then moved both cards onto the black six.  She
revealed an empty spot, a red seven, and a black eight.  The eight and
the seven were placed on the red nine, revealing a black two and a
black three.  The black two was placed on the second pile from the left,
revealing another empty spot.  She then took three cards from the play
stack and laid them one on top of each other, face up--a red four stared
balefully at me.
"Seek to take on the weaker of the two forces binding you.  Allow your
outside equal influence to deal with the stronger.  Seek out the help of
your true friends.  Opportunities will be revealed, but will be taken
from you.  Allow them to go, for they will serve you in the future.  The
queen still stands alone, not seeing anything of benefit to her yet.  Be
patient--her forces may enter later to serve you.
"The spiritual force which watches over you is vague and uncertain.  It
may be a friend or an enemy.  Always watch this closely."
The third pile from the right was placed on the rightmost stack,
revealing the Ace of diamonds.  "Ah," she smiled.  "An escaped
opportunity gives rise to one which promises a safeguard and future
rewards!"  The Ace went to the edge of the table nearest me, revealing a
black seven.  Three more cards came out from the play stack, revealing a
red king.
"Your spiritual force becomes a Rallyer, but none hears its cry.  Do not
forsake it, but allow it to fill an empty post in your life left over
from escaped opportunities."  She moved the king into an empty spot, the
leftmost stack on the table.  A black ten was revealed under the place
the red king had formerly occupied, and three more cards from the play
stack were placed upon it.  A black king sat on top.
"The Rallyer cries again, and it is heard by the dominant Marshal that
exists outside you!"  The king went into the only empty spot remaining.
The red queen went on top, revealing a red six.  The red six sat on the
black seven, which was on top of the third stack from the right.  The
six revealed a red eight, which accepted the black seven and red six.  A
black queen appeared, which went to the red king on the leftmost stack.
A red seven was revealed, and left alone.
"The Marshall joins forces with your Rallying spirit, and other outside
influences adjust their loyalties.  Remember, the second stack from the
right represents you right now, and see how your burden is not
increased, but other burdens are carried by sympathetic causes.  I will
consult the play stack one more time, to divine the results."  She
picked up three more cards.  A red king sat on top of the discard pile
"You must allow these outside forces to continue to work, because the
spiritual world is preparing to send another ally to you.  Beware the
potential of the uncovered stacks, but rely on the Rallyer and the
Marshall to ease your burden.  Look for the new ally at the start of the
next major life-event, perhaps the beginning of the New Year, but do not
create expectations."
So I went ahead and speculated in breast-implant recycling.  We're going
to need to get the chips from somewhere.  Silicon Valley is about to
expand into Hollywood.  So says my sybase.
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