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Subject: Nikola Tulsa
Date: 1 Dec 1995 22:47:50 GMT
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The morning fog still drifted across the ground as morning crashed into 
Tulsa like a diesel fire; full of smoke and fury.  The trucker, a large man 
with skin like glass and a thick belly, looks about and sucks in his 
gut.  "Yeah, this is the life, no place is home new town every day...  
But what IĠd give for a nice cup of joe, know what I mean?  Huh?"  He 
looks puzzled when the universe fails to reply to his chatter.  
Shrugging, he turns and walks to the back of his truck lifts the latch 
and turns the handle like opening the gates of heaven.  He stops and 
looks behind him as the morning pale colors touch the rolling hills.  
"Some sun'd do this place some good, warm things up a touch..."  He pulls 
the door of his travel worn trailer open and pulls the sun onto the 
hydraulic life on the back of his trailer and sets it on the horizon.  
"That's better." he says as the dust begins to rise.  Door closed, latch 
latched...  But much warmer now, just the way it should be...

Then in the light, the hate came flowing back.  "demons begone..."  he 
mused, almost moaning to himself as he felt the anger grow in the growing 
sunlight and warmth.  "This world is"  Glass skin becomes smoky 
and opaque.  He saw the cops and the beasts clinging to the smokestacks 
of his truck, had know of their existence for some time really, beating 
breasts and cursing breath and gnashing teeth.  They opened up the 
trucker, grasped ahold of his chest and lifted it like the hood of a 
chevy, and they climbed in and pulled him closed around them.  

Somewhere a man in a big suit was fixing his tie; got to get the knot 
just right...