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From: (M. Bryant)
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Subject: The Suit Within
Date: 1 Dec 1995 22:49:10 GMT
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The suit has left the kitchen now, please adjust your watches 
accordingly.  They all sat bolt upright, sipping their soup and watched 
him pull away in a car that one forgets as soon as it is seen.

The vines in his head become his link to the sun, his rubber bands of 
control.  But soon They will be stepping up to him, as if they could see 
him.  Or stepping up to the thing that he represents and they will toss 
coins for him.

He smiles thinking of the coins, putting memories into them and tossing 
them into the fountain.  Billy would have made him regret that, if anyone 
could remember who Billy was.

The road stretches out before him now, and yawns.