Article: 261591 of talk.bizarre
From: (Crisper Than Thou)
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: FTS: Little Blinking Lights
Date: 1 Dec 1995 16:15:44 -0800
Organization: The Crisper Mind
Lines: 39
Message-ID: <49o5rg$>
Summary: Call it a long-overdue review of the Orb live in SF
Status: O

(what was the
 what was the parking like when you were young?)

It ran on forever--
When I
We lived in San Francisco,
and the cars always had little blinking lights.

It was grim
and far,
and there were lots of cars
at night.

And uh
when it would rain,
	It was terrible.
	The most terrible parking,
	as a matter of fact.

The streetlights were
	and red
	and yellow
	and on timers
and the crowds would miss the crosswalks.

It's neat,
because I used to yell at them all the time.
You don't see that...

	--The Elder Dan
	(fluffily crisper) might still see it in the City.