Article: 261581 of talk.bizarre
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From: (Kevin Schnitzius)
Subject: worm lick
Organization: Encore Computer Corporation
Date: Sat, 2 Dec 1995 00:56:59 GMT
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Originator: kschnitz@sysgem1
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It's cold and grey outside today.

It's mostly cold and grey inside today, too, inside this shit-hole
dump that passes as an apartment.  Both the window and the paint on
the sill are cracked and grey and dirty.  At least the window lets
in some light.  The electricity hasn't been turned on from months now
and the heat in this hole sucks.  I have two blankets wrapped around
me as I wait and still I shiver.

Sister Flo is late and I am hungry.

Not your everyday-how-'bout-a-quarter-ponder hungry -- I actually ate
something this morning.  This hunger is not about my stomach.  The 
worms are awake and they are hungry too, hungry for my marrow.

A drop of sweat falls from my nose.  This is not a good sign.  My hands
shake as I light another cigarette.  It tastes like shit.

I could have gone with her as a lookout or a guard, but she laughed at
me.  No jangly nerved, hollow-eyed scarecrows need apply.  Not good
for business, nosiree.

Man, it's late.  I should never have let it get this late.  I shoulda
taken care of this myself, last week.  But, there was work to be done,
and, (fuck, where is she?), time to rest, and at least there is money 
this time.

Maybe a cup of tea?  Can I light the sterno without burning the place
down? (fuck, fuck, fuck) Where's my lighter? 

She must have come up the back way 'cause I didn't see her through the
window.  She opens the door and from her glassy eyes I can see that
she is lit.  A good sign but things still go wrong.


>From inside her coat, she produces a wrinkled paper bag.

My cracked lips smile.

The worms will sleep tonight.

Oh, man!  Look at those cavenewts go,                             Hard in
It's the freakiest show.                                    South Florida