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From: (John F. Woods)
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Subject: Nature
Date: 1 Dec 1995 22:18:50 -0500
Organization: Misanthropes-R-Us
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So, I paid $65 for a bird feeder and don't regret one cent of it.

The feeder itself is a clear plastic cylinder from which bird seed is
dispensed in a fairly traditional scheme.  The magic of this expensive
bird feeder is in what is above it -- it is crowned with a top that is
a cone-shaped hat thing, kind of like a witches' hat with more gentle slopes.
You hang this in the traditional manner.  Then, the squirrels climb upon
it in the traditional manner, intending to devour the entire seed container
as is their wont.  However, their nasty little feed cannot obtain purchase
on the smooth plastic; typically, they anchor themselves on the chain, and
hang delicately down attempting to reach beyond the brim to the festive
party in plain sight below, reaching further and further until  SWOOSH  SPLAT
an indignant squirrel hits the ground, generally tearing after whatever other
animals are on the ground looking for seeds as if to blame them for its
disaster.  We've seen several squirrels launched in this manner, and it never
fails to entertain.

Next, a spring loaded ratapault...
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