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From: (Lisa Chabot)
Subject: Re: Nature
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Date: Tue, 5 Dec 1995 23:00:57 GMT
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John F. Woods <> wrote:
>an indignant squirrel hits the ground, generally tearing after whatever other
>animals are on the ground looking for seeds as if to blame them for its
>disaster.  We've seen several squirrels launched in this manner, and it never
>fails to entertain.

Ooo, even better than the normal Kitty TV!

I have a bird feeder / cat entertainment device hanging on a hook
outside the kitchen window, just far enough under the eaves that 
squirrels can't quite manage the leap--although I admit, it's gotta
be a tough one: first they have to hang upside down by their hind
feet on the edge of the roof, then they fall headfirst, two floors.  
Oh, look, it's raining squirrels.
We're on a major squirrel overpass too (roof across the street, get on vent
pipe, leap to elm, leap to next elm, down on my roof, across roof
to oak in backyard...).

For revenge, they uproot my succulents and replant good solid crops
acorns and sunflower seeds in all the tiny pots.

                        "Everyone wants Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!"  (Mallrats)