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Date: 02 Dec 1995 03:50:55 GMT
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And pon did genitals he look too soon unto them forthwith.  And alas the
genitals did unto him look back scurrilously and superciliously look and unto
hi look they did.  And in the looking and looking back little of which was
exchanged did have unto it value.  Except that a word passed from lips to
scphinctor end and unto lips it did hang upon the air most flaccidly and
cetiously -- "UMMMMMMMMM..."  And that was it.

And non-sequitor they did call it.

And meanwhile Newt did look fondly upon his ass while big donkey dick he did
suck and so he did.  <"That's what I mean -- donkey/ass/ass/donkey." "You're
making fun of ny deconstruction."> <Teegan>

Hi Aaron.  Happy birthday to me... Happy birthday to me......

And pon me in my expansiveness of years do i gaze.......