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Subject: today
Date: 2 Dec 1995 05:54:46 GMT
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Oops, I guess I missed it, but what a good time I had...

Here is a piece of something i started. maybe it will never be finished

It was the future. Oh yes, the future, many generations hence, when the
universe was ages old and the stars were tired and the minerals had been
mined and the races had met. Evolution had led to greater and greater
intelligence. Expansion had reached further and further, until there was
no more universe to expand into...

The Myrmidon broke free from the universal perimeter, moving much faster
than the expanding stars, out into the emptiness of - beyond. It was
beautiful, peaceful, and very empty. However, external sensors indicated
minute particle density outside, standard space dust. This was the vast
ocean between land masses - space is 94% vacuum. The Myrmidon was a simple
trading ship, but it was capable of extra-universal travel, a thing of
great awe to all, even those who had traversed it hundreds of times. Over
the nether and through the dust, to grandmother's universe we go.

       * * *

Commander P. Hale Tsuk took one last glance at Nypso, his home planet,
and waved. He gave the order, and Project: Recycle started its last and
most spectacular stage. A new readout appeared on the monitor, informing
him that in 24 hours, Nypso would be forever warped - a teaspoon of salt
in a cosmic stew. Nypso and the entire known Universe, along with a couple
others (Universe-2 and Universe-7).

The second and seventh universe had been deemed expendable by CUTO, since
both were small and doomed to collapse over the coming years. Also, neither
exhibited a great deal of life, being mainly