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Subject: ColoCabal Thanksgiving
Date: 2 Dec 1995 06:38:23 GMT
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Quotes from the Colorado Cabal Thanksgiving, chez Fred and Stevi.

j.j	We're like a Stovetop commercial - stevi says 'ssc: the
	stuffing is stovetop' and we're all YAY!

ilana	Excuse me, but I want to start drinking.

fred	Ah, that'll be the second seating.

ilana	I'll drink it from the bottle, but only if it is in a bag.

ilana	Of course I cut the carrots with a knife.  What did you think
	I used?  A hammer and chisel?

ilana	Amish rollerblading.

j.j	The Catholic symbolism of Easter gives me the willies.
ilana	Oh, come on - eggs, bunnies, and candy!

gnat	Jazzercise for Christ - Feel the Burn!

gnat	I just want to be bitten on the back of the neck.

ilana	Are yours sinkers or floaters?

ilana	I'm not shy, I just need more to drink.

j.j	It's supposed to go up as it goes in, but it's not going in.

j.j	Pumpkin is not a ... fruit?

j.j	Yay!  More fatty crap!

j.j	As close to horizontal as I can get.

j.j	I want to see the fire but I can't get up.

pygmy	If you have a penis, you're in.

ilana	And then I learned about tactical throwing up.

ilana	None of your business!  That was another country and besides,
	the man is dead.

ilana	Right now, I'm going to go down.

pygmy	Get this fudge away from me!

j.j	I don't know what I'm talking about.  I'm drunk and shouldn't
	be playing games.

j.j	I want something non-toxic to nibble on.

britt	Getting runs is more difficult.

j.j	You do NOT know what all the rules are, we're not done making
	them up yet.

ilana	Stop, in the Name of Love.
britt	--- or I'll break your arm.

stevi	You don't want me makin' you a sandwich - I can't even drink
	out of a glass.

j.j	I don't think this camera can capture the colors I'm seeing
	right now.