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From: (Nathan Torkington)
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: richh does Fort Collins
Date: 2 Dec 1995 06:41:10 GMT
Organization: Interchangeable Antipodeans, Inc.
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X-Category: trip report, of a kind
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SCENE: richh, j.j, gnat, pygmy, boymozart and kira are at a
restaurant, eating.

richh:	"I've become Ulterior Motive man!"
j.j:	"*have become*?"

gnat:	"I wasn't a drinker before I met jenine."

boym:	"god forbid we should have biked downhill on HOTT.BOB

richh:	"I kissed KIBO at dorsey.bob --- EUUUUCCCCCH!"

j.j:	"It takes forever for the food to get here, and then it's
	cold.  That's why we like coming here.  Oh, wait ..."

richh:	"If it wasn't for the coefficient of friction, you wouldn't

j.j:	"I don't care what you have to say."

richh:	"You have any opiates?"

richh:	"But no, you're going to get all excited and do it yourself
	like a 2-year old."

boym:	"You callin' me a SLUT?"

richh:	"She was born to bend at the waist."

richh:	[with knife] "I didn't want to have to use this."

boym:	"Buttman!"

j.j:	"He is total FBI serial killer profile, all the way."

pygmy:	"1, 2, 50.  I'm a liberal arts major for a reason."

richh:	"... nipples are very ... nippley."

gnat:	"The world would be a more boring place without Polaroid."

gnat:	"Hey, she hasn't reached into MY pocket yet.  What's going on

j.j:	"Even when it's pink, it's good."

boym:	"Yeah, this 90-schilling stuff is --- BUUURRRRRRP!"

richh:	"Aniphylactic shock - that's like prophylactic shock, right?"

richh:	"Fort Collins: Making the world safe for regular shops."

pygmy:	"You remember Joel, don't you?  Joel?  Joel, on the bed with

pygmy:	"No, no, no playing with me."

j.j:	"I didn't see that coming."
richh:	"Nobody does."

kira:	"Nat, honey, I think you should put those back.  This is a
	little obsession with you, then?"

j.j:	"Are you going to drink this?"

boym:	"OK, you see this opening over there?"

richh:	"She's once, twice, three times a lady.  BUUUUURP!"

j.j:	"Get it out of there - that's disgusting!"