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In article <>, Lisa Chabot <> wrote:
>In my case I wish I'd added something about glass, and also certain
>non-man-made objects--small crunchy rocks, wood chips, sand dollars.
>Oh, and hair, particularly while it's still attached to my head (or guests).

glass indeed.

my guys have this great xmas game:  first they knock a glass
ornament off the tree.  then they bat it around until they
manage to smash it against a hard object.

i try to get things up before that happens, but when they
get away with it, i've found them several times happily 
crunching the glass with their teeth.  i don't think 
they're eating it; i took them to the vet and he couldn't 
find any signs of it.  but they like to crunch on it.

weird.  cats are fucking weird.

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