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Subject: fairy tale
Date: 1 Dec 1995 23:19:50 -0800
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the adjective dog and the adverb cat
met once again for their annual chat.
the cat thought they got along admirably
(which raised a few eyebrows in her family),
for they'd never had even so much as a spat,
had the adjective dog and the adverb cat.

they met by the bay, near the golden gate bridge
(which neither had seen since a very young age)
to take in the smells and the sights of the sea;
the cat broke the silence, inquisitively,
"have ever you seen such a marvelous fog?"
"it's THICK and it's WET!" quoth the adjective dog.

"but the bridge" said the dog, "it's so TALL and so RED!"
which was true, thought the cat, though it needn't be said,
but rather than chastise such dry repartee,
she merely responded "indubitably."
they small-talked on this, and they small-talked on that,
did the adjective dog and the adverb cat.

they eventually settled on serious themes,
the dog on his master, the cat on her dreams,
"i feel so possessed," he lamented, "and glum."
"i'm lonely," said she, "I have visions of toms."
"We should turn into language and travel abroad."
was the stunning decision of the adjective dog.

"that's a lovely idea!" she said in reply,
"are parts of speech always in such short supply?"
"who cares" said the dog, and with that, they were gone,
to the signposts of London, the shops of Milan,
to the "big friendly castle!" sign near Camelot
went the adjective dog and the adverb cat.

if you ever travel, make note of the signs
on busses and menus and harvest combines.
remember this story affectionately,
and the next time you visit the Black or Red sea,
or eat heartily in Seville or Prague;
that's the adverb cat and the adjective dog!

much more difficult than I thought it would be