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From: pv@MCS.COM (Paul Vader)
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Subject: ADMIN: Voting reports
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Date: 2 Dec 1995 02:02:20 -0600
Organization: Inline Software Creations
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X-Voting-info: Want to vote? Send a message with "SCORES: info" as the subject.
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This message is a periodic pointer to the talk.bizarre voting system. The
latest results are in, and your myriad options are:

a) Reply to this article. The scores reports will be mailed to you with
   lightning speed (or somewhat less than lightning speed if you're not
   on the net).

b) Browse the web version at "". If you've
   got the connection, this is definitely the way to go. However, article
   text is unavailable due to the continuing lack of a host for the TBWA.

c) Mail me with a subject of "SCORES: info" and you'll get a help document
   for the email interface to the voting system. All this data is also
   available on the web. If you use one of the supported newsreaders, please
   consider voting.

Voting statistics for two months ending 11/30/95:
   Total voters:    20
   Active voters:   10    (Casting 200 or more votes)
   Votes cast:      8993
   Articles scored: 3441
   People scored:   297

Thanks for your attention. *
* PV   something like badgers--something like lizards--and something
       like corkscrews.