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Subject: Diagram of a girl
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Dream of a dinner party
The two girls had the same conversation again and again, 
Because each of them only seemed to remember her own little story, 
and when she told it again it was like the other had never heard it, 
and enjoyed it more as a result. 

(See diagram, left)

1. Cell specialization and differentiation. [Happy healthy being, fig.1].
2. Warpaint and teasing of hair. [Friction and disorder, fig. 2].
3. Girl dissembles. [Chaos, fig.3]
4. Free-swimming amoeboid forms. [Eyespot, fig. 4].
5. Forms clump together due to natural affinity. [Aggregation, fig. 5].
6. Entrenchment & education. [Reunification, fig. 6].
      a. Right frontal lobe: artistic nature, creative decision, spatial
      b. Left frontal lobe: logic, memory, and muscular coordination. 
      c. Tangential section: dichotomously branching tubules engorged with
blood. [Mouth, fig. 7].
         i. Ectoderm. Ruby red + gloss.
         ii. Mesoglea. No particular color.
         iii. Endoderm. No particular color
      d. Eye: concave layers of gelatinous irridescent material.
[Marketable, fig. 8].
      e. Eyelashes: filamentous opaque strands brown to black, rooted on
the bilaterally ventral margin of the orb.
      f. Protusible proboscis, Nemertina Phylum. [Unexpected, fig. 9].

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