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From: (Brian J.Cash)
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Subject: Re: Crisper Than Thou-Thou-Mil-bil-MEg-Shmegg
Date: 5 Dec 1995 10:01:46 GMT
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Steve Humphrey (Steve_Humphrey@sage.uucp) wrote:
: You know, one little rejoinder.  As much as people will and are
: presently trying to profit from the net, I know one little maxim
: of commerce that may save us all:  You can bring the price down,
: but you can't drive it up for any self-respecting customer.  You
: can't go up from free, so I think we may be safe for awhile.

I don't know what he is aiming at, IJLS "you can't go up from free".
Has a nice ring.

: -Steve
: P.S. Is this what you call "flaming?"  

"Don't give me that Star Trek crap. It's too early in the smegging morning."

: Everybody all at once


: gangs up on one idiotic (or tentative, approval-seeking) newcomer
: and barrages them with threats and insults?  

Yup, that is flaming. So?

: My brother's
: apparently made it past your selection process,

We have a process?  Are we ISO complaint?

: and he informs me
: that this is what goes down with "newbies".  


: Am I correct, here. 
: Or is this real flaming to come?  Is this just a mild glazing? 

That was a 30 Watt bulb at 50 yards.

Brian /-|-\ 
Ningependa kujifunza KiBizarre kidogo. Kwa heri.