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From: Erez Ben Yaacov <>
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Subject: Re: doubting the sky
Date: Thu, 07 Dec 95 22:37:14 PDT
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> goodnight and sweet dreams.

10x, u too.
> Tomorrow is that day multiplied. 
Well, there I simply dont agree ! tomorrow is a hole new amazing unknown & so 
very needed to continue on living..

> The waltz is falling in around wandering eyes.  It's falling onto wandering 
> feet of jews...of you.

WHAT do you mean buy "feet of jews" ??
> This sky is the color of leaves at the wrong time of year.  It is always
> the wrong time of year, here.

that part I liked.

> The sand is not shifting, you are.  

Really ? I hav'nt noticed.. ;)

> We will meet here where the edges of us blur
> into trees of silhouettes.  The pain is upside-down and is that the same
> as pleasure?  A kiss on my windpipe cuts the veil and and finally 
> I see that which waits for sky, for high-handed heartiness, for the skis 
> of fashion on the pregnancy of doubt.  This moment doubts nothing
> and thus begins.
> -Becca

Well, Becca, you wrote exacly to the subject - bizarre !
& it's kinda nice, so have a nice life out there (wherever you r).