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From: (paul egli)
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Subject: why it happens
Date: Tue, 05 Dec 95 01:37:47 GMT
Organization: live bitter chanting
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"i'm happy," i said, "and therefore i don't post."

i hold what is close to me and push what is far,
to balance and order my life
which is pointless, i see, so much to regret
but just as my heart beats and lungs suck the veil
of atmosphere, suddenly i want to live
a lifetime pressed close to her
fingers in hair,
arms around waist,
(devilish archaeotype)
breathing her hair,
hand on a beautiful neck i can feel
her eyes meeting mine.
but this may not be love.
-- stroke her neck
she may not feel that
-- touch her lips
stare to find a smile
-- stroke her back
arch eyes closed.
crush a sudden hold
don't question don't ask.
if you don't ask, she won't know
if you don't question you won't wonder

p.                                                     "you play beautifully"