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From: (Eric Scheirer)
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Subject: elaboration on a cambridge existence
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Date: 05 Dec 1995 05:05:59 GMT
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When list'ning fails, the T's run ends,
Past students' cries for last calls heeded.
Far fathoms walking Mass Ave's bends
Give thinking hours sorely needed.

Time's changed, my sweet, and for this cause
Our love is come the way of wind 
When rain, like mist, like finest gauze
Turns faces up to streetlamps dimmed.

Our trembling, raw-boned hands recall
The scrambled work of long days pinned
In helpless buglike neutered thrall
To work not done; to slack-day sins.

What place is this with work and rain
and drink?  We can't answer, all for all,
But yet still laugh and chime refrain:
Connections come as old hopes fall.

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