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From: (Lisa Chabot)
Subject: Re: Pop goes the yuppie
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Summary: Hear Ken Olsen say, "Work for Fraggle DEC!"
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Date: Wed, 6 Dec 1995 21:24:19 GMT
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Hey, Ilana <> wrote some remarks I once resembled:
>I go to Starbucks for a scone
>and double mocha latte

Er, it was PrinterZinc, actually (St***ucks has crummy scones)
(and worse coffee).

>Five days each week, the cost adds up

                     the pounds add up (at least 15!)

                  Hey, it was the only way I could
                  cope going to Sun.

                                     (That's okay, to cope with DEC
                                      I had a pretty serious
                                      Fraggle Rock addiction.)  

>But I get paid on Friday.

                                     Put your cares away:
                                     Friday is our next payday-AY-ay!

                        "Everyone wants Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!"  (Mallrats)