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From: (Meredith Tanner)
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Subject: Re: horndog mail, posted for your perusal
Date: 7 Dec 1995 11:53:36 -0800
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In article <>, Lisa Chabot <> wrote:
>Meredith Tanner <> posted something from
>>> From:          patterson chris <>
>Yeah, I got a "shame shame shame" email from this guy for
>my raining-squirrels followup ("Nature").  Anybody else?

...and i've gotten email from a couple of other women who
also got mail from him.

mr. patterson, you are a pathetic, oversexed twerp.
go home and wank, and don't come back till it's worn
down to the size of a pencil eraser.

Fertile in naught but faking/Futile each season passes;
And scrutiny discloses/Thy most prodigious Roses
Are really Horse's Asses. -- Don Marquis