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What follows is 100x100, a collection of 100 science fiction
stories, dialogues, scenes and snippets, each 100 words long.

Some of these appeared originally in talk.bizarre.  A while
back I packaged up a few of those front-runners and sent them
to a publisher.  They liked them and wanted to see more.  This
is more.

The manuscript is in the mail.  This might be a book.  It also
might not be a book, so I'm not getting my hopes too high.

Why, Solberg, why? Why are you posting this stuff to the net
before it is accepted?  I don't have a really good answer.  I
guess I just want attention.

In the meantime: please note the copyright information.  Do
not disseminate beyond standard Usenet propagation.  Please
do send critiques, though.  Advice on illustrations is also
welcome.  I'm leaning towards diagrams from old Popular Mechanics

Thank you, and enjoy.

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