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Open prairie.  Dusk.  Crickets.  Faint clatter of hooves, growing louder.

Silhouette.  Whinny.  Stop and dismount.

Match.  Flare.  Glowing ember.

Marlboro Man.

Watching.  Listening.  Tasting the air.  Open to the land.

Moaning.  Rising, then falling.  Distant.

Mesquite brush.  Stalking.  Dark figure against darker background.

Almost no noise.

Clearing.  Small fire.  Indistinct figures.

Moaning -- loud, now.


Eight zombies.  Moaning.


Revolver!  Muzzle flash! another! another! duck and move.

Howling.  Crashing through brush.  Muzzle flash! another!

Lurching figure! flash!

Clutching ankle! flash!

Retreating shapes.  Gone.  Not for long.

Victims.  Unmoving.  Examine.

Too late.

Grimly reload.  Tracks lead into mountains.

Marlboro Man follows.
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