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MacDonald was cruel and thin, and they feared his knives.

"Mortimer?" his voice echoed hollowly.  "Are you ready to try again?"

Mortimer's mouth worked but made no sounds.  He cowered, still
frightened like the sheep he had been, capable of visualizing his
fate like the man-thing he had become.  Saliva bubbled from his
scarred lips.

Mortimer found his voice.  "  No."

"Mortimer."  No questions now, just steel.  "The vowels, Mortimer."

"No.  No."

"Mortimer!"  Whiplash.  "Speak!"

"Ee!  Ee Ai Ee Ai Oh!"

MacDonald smiled, perverse pleasure mingled with disappointment.

In the adjacent pen, the pigs flinched.  They were next.

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