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Cage One: Monkey.  Bananas.  Crates.  Monkey climbs crates to eat bananas.

Moving along.....


Cage Two: Monkey.  Bananas.  Crates.  Monkey fashions boomerang from wooden
slats and cuts bananas down.  Monkey eats bananas.

Moving along.....


Cage Three: Monkey.  Bananas.  Crates.  Monkey designs articulated robot
arm to retrieve bananas.  Monkey irritatedly draws privacy curtain as it

I do not wish to move along.


Cage Four: Monkey.  Bananas.  Crates.  Monkey pulls intestinal coil of
wiring from crates and makes adjustment.  It watches me cunningly through
the glass as it pushes a button.

My legs!....


I fetch the bananas.

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