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Mount yer rocketbikes, lads!  Me radio's cracklin', and that
means but one thing: there's skywhales about.

Load up, lazies!  Don't be fearin'!  Certes, yer skywhale
is vicious in a pinch -- aye, one behemoth took me leg right
off with its fighting tentacles, barbs a-bristlin' -- but if
ye win out, ye'll be rich!

Rich, I said! fer them blimps is full of hydrogen -- the purest.
Suck me dry a skywhale, maties, and we'll all be rollin' in
whores on Io.

So crank yer harpoons!  Ride pretty, and don't chase it below
the Methane Interface!

Bring one back for the _Jovian_ _Princess_!

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