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"What did Thorn say?"

"He said, 'Soylent Green is people!'"

"That's what I thought he said."

"Can it be true? that yummy Soylent Green stuff?"

"Made out of people, huh? damn!"

"I guess they won't make any more now."

"Back to that nasty algae crap."

"Shit.  What if we don't tell?"

"Thorn will."

"....he doesn't *have* to."


"Weeeelllll....Thorn is in *bad* shape.  Might not survive."

"We can't just snuff him!"

"Not 'snuff' him.  Reprocess him!" 

"You mean...."

"Yes.  Soylent Green is Thorn."

" know, he does look kind of tasty."

"That's the spirit.  Get his legs, would you?"

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