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The tentacles reached up from the darkness and seized A-oo,
calf of Graceful Oo-Ee-Ah.  Kraken, Trickster from the Depths,
came hunting!  Oo-Ee-Ah had drawn no breath in many heartbeats,
but she dove nonetheless.

Speedy is Dire Kraken, but speedier still is cow bereft of
calf!  In inky waters they grappled, bawling A-oo released
thereby.  Locked beak to jaw and sucker to fluke, they sank
below light and life.

Oo-Ee-Ah loosed herself as Kraken's vision dimmed, yet no air
remained to surface.  As death loomed, whirling lights came
and propelled Lissome Oo-Ee-Ah to safety.

In the deepest waters, secret angels dwell.

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