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"Watch," instructed Donovan, pointing through the one-way
mirror.  On the other side, a Ganymedean phrike was stalking
a nightmorg in their steamy habitat.  The phrike approached
within six meters and quivered.  The nightmorg instantly 
keeled over, and the hunter began to feed.

"An autopsy will reveal the 'morg died of natural causes,"
Donovan informed his class.  "Stroke....heart attack....renal
failure....The phrike appears to catalyze ordinary death."

"Aren't we awfully close?" shuddered a student.  Donovan smiled.

"No, we're....<kaff>...."  A gasp rose as Donovan staggered.

He straightened, a twinkle in his eye.  "Now, if you'll settle
down, we'll proceed."
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