Article: 288548 of talk.bizarre
From: Ned
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: What to do?
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 1996 13:32:35 GMT
Lines: 37
Message-ID: <>


Things'll get better through Benign Neglect                         (unless)
It's already too late; we're doomed                          (in which case)
We SHOULD'VE...                                                         (or)
THEY should...                                                         (but)
It costs too much                                              (and besides)
Issue X is more important                                  (and furthermore)
These are exciting evolutionary times!                  (although seeing as)
The Sun will die in 5 billion years anyway                (then, ultimately)
It's God's will                                                  (therefore)
There's nothing *I* can do                                     (and frankly)
I don't really care                                              (so there!)



I get a most perverted thrill from all this global mess;
Since no one KNOWS how we'll end up, it's jolly fun to guess!
Will we all die? ...or carry on? -- it matters not to me;
As long as I can catch the fun, I'll be so ha ha ppy.

To watch the Earth (despite her girth) go writhing down the drain,
The rush I'd get -- I'd sure as bet -- would banish any pain.
But if instead (when left for dead) She sparks a living flame,
I'll laugh and shout -- and play it out -- then start a different game.

		-- Ned Netherded --