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Subject: Re: The Assassin
Date: Tue, 03 Dec 1996 21:18:43 GMT
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"Nikolai Kingsley" <> wrote:

>This story is for Transient and Rebecca Tolhurst; two sides of a coin.


yer hired

one small point...

the creature you describe sounds more like a lloigor.

Well, yer no Horselover Fat, but neither was he.
and now they're BOTH dead.

Yer hired as long as you're able to write. we doan pay no dead
writers. Shit, we don't pay living ones either, but yer still hired.

FIRST RATE... now kindly stop posting parallel story lines to the
CD... We'll prob. have to leave the SEXHURT LAB scene out of the game,
because of you, you... you... goddamn WRITER!

somebody send that poor chick some ben-wow balls so she doesn't have
to work so hard next time... one of those things whizzing outta an
uberfemme's cooter at 320mph can do a LOT of damage!

DAMN fine story... DAMN fine!