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From: "Nikolai Kingsley" <>
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Subject: rabbitworld
Date: Sun, 1 Dec 1996 00:56:41 +1100
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Having cleared his weekend work-list by delegating a host of minor tasks
to bots and good viruses he thought he'd look up Maeve, a net-friend with
whom he'd been email-chatting for years. They'd grown quite close,
exchanging confidences, helping each other over rough spots and
occasionally collaborating on multimedia fantasies. They'd once been
isolated in a talk-channel for two hours, due to some odd topological
net-failure; he used to say that you never really knew someone until you'd
both been stranded in a broken-down car in a snow-storm, and that had been
the digital equivalent.

She regularly sent him updates to a list of VR-systems that she
frequented. Checking the latest version of the list, he recognised some of
the names: Treksystem, SCA-3, AD-Police (he recalled the time he'd visited
that one; his legs had been blown off by a rogue Genom Boomer in the first
five minutes), LearyLunar, Purplehaze, Archaeorgaanapocalypsia (and he'd
heard some decidedly odd things about that one). According to the rough
schedule she'd included, she was probably on the last system on the list 

"Sounds vaguely Moorish," he mused, visions of cool, dimly-lit tents piled
with jewelled pillows, arabesques (whatever an arabesque was),
eight-foot-tall hookahs with Cthuluoid masses of pipes leaking
heavily-scented purple hashish smoke, languid yet passionate women in
silks and sandals with kohl-darkened eyes, and dalliances which would,
most likely, end up giving him sand in every crevice. His fantasies had
quite gotten away with him by the time he found a link to Elil-Hrair-Rah,
so he was completely unprepared for the actuality:

The VR-system dumped him in a spherical cave about three metres across; he
landed on his hands and knees on the floor, which was lined with soft,
dark soil. It wasn't wet or muddy, but he could smell traces of moisture
in the air. Looking around, he noted an exit near the ceiling; an oval
hole. There were no obvious light-sources; it was dark, but he could see
enough to climb up the rounded side of the wall and into the tunnel.

It sloped uphill at about fifteen degrees, winding around in a spiral
(almost like an underground staircase) twice before opening up in a larger
room with several exits. It was more brightly lit than the first had been
although there still wasn't any obvious source of light; he resolved to
stop worrying about such a trivial detail.

Entering the larger room, he stood up and examined his VR-form. The coded
flags for this system told him that he'd be expected to assume a specific
shape (like the stylised Manga images everyone used in ADPolice or the
various alien races in the Star Trek universe); the software had taken his
standard preferences (which closely resembled his physical body) and
morphed them to fit Elil-Hrair-Rah's template.

In this particular virtual world, he was roughly humanoid. His body was
covered with soft, light grey fur, creamy white down his front; his
fingers  three of them  seemed shorter, somehow more closely fitted
together. He had expected to see leathery pads on the palms, but either
the model didn't cater for it or rabbits didn't actually have them. His
feet were longer  he was standing up on his toes  and touching his face
(also covered with fur) he found bristly whiskers, a soft, triangular
leather spot for a nose above the odd bifurcation of his upper lip.
Reaching up further...

Two long, floppy ears. "I'm a wabbit!", even down to the fluffy tail
behind. He had to admire the seamless conjoining of human and lepine
forms; the minor differences didn't interfere with his regular body-map.
It felt entirely natural.

At the far end of the room was a pool of water set near another tunnel
leading straight up. Approaching it, he detected the scent of fresh air
from above; light from the outside world also made its way down the
tunnel, illuminating a circle about two metres across. This was to let him
view his reflection in the water, he surmised.

It looked like him. Some features were blurred by the fur, but he
recognised himself even with the Schifferesque overbite and the ears. He
grinned, wiggled his nose and preened his whiskers.

He was beginning to wonder what people did on this system (nibble carrots?
Steal turnips from Farmer Gregory?) When a distant thumping sound reached
him, like hundreds of feet drumming on the ground above. For some reason,
it triggered a warning feeling; apprehensively, he stepped back from the
upwards tunnel. The sound grew louder, as if being taken up by others;
then suddenly dozens of rabbits (he couldn't imagine them as people, even
if they were as anthropomorphised as he was) stormed into the room from
tunnels around the ceiling. They leaped over each other in confusion,
gradually disappearing down other tunnels, their cotton-tails wagging
behind them; within seconds, he was alone again. He glanced about in
confusion, wishing this system had provided a primer, or some
documentation, even a read-me file, when one last rabbit bounded into the
room from above.

An Angora doe, lovely long white fur worn like a fluffy jumper over
Rubenesque curves, one of her ears standing upright, the other jauntily
cocked at about four o'clock. She crouched where she'd landed, looking
about in frantic consternation before noticing him. Head to one side, she
narrowed her eyes as if trying to remember where they'd met before. This
gesture recalled the time he'd spoken to Maeve over a low-resolution video
link... The images had been crudely pixelised and with a slow frame-update
rate, but body language had come through clearly. They stared into each
other's eyes for a moment, then she said slowly, "Peter?"

He smiled, recognising the American accent. "Maeve!"

"Peter Rabbit!" she giggled. They bounded towards each other and hugged,
kneeling in the soft floor of the warren; he felt a warm, inward glow that
he'd last felt while tripping at a nightclub with strobe lights in his
eyes. The scent of moisture came back slightly stronger, mixed with an odd
aroma that he had trouble placing; he associated it with clean, warm
clothing fresh out of the spin dryer on a rainy day, with dizziness and
being woken up on a cold morning in a warm bed with a close friend and 

"Come on," she urged him, "the Dogs are overhead." reluctantly, they
separated; she leaped down a tunnel and he followed her cautiously,
keeping his eyes on her nicely rounded behind as it bobbed into the

They followed the tunnel down into another large room with several exits,
where some of the others had stopped; Maeve gestured that he should follow
her further down and they ended up in a room deep in the earth, very much
like the one he'd arrived in. He didn't stop in time and bumped into her,
which turned into a very affectionate hug from behind. After a few awkward
starts, they laughed, stopped trying to talk over each other and just
hugged. "This is very weird," he said.

With his hands clasped over her belly he could feel her laughter
reverberating through her body. "I've seen some of the systems you
frequent  Giger, Summermouse, Moebius-Incal..." she replied.

"Yeah, but at least they're documented. Coming in here was like jumping
into a lake with a blindfold on."

She wriggled closer, nestling her behind into his lap. "So, how's the
water?" she asked rhetorically. He blushed beneath his fur as he felt a
surge of desire flare up in the pit of his stomach. Taking a deep breath
he got a lung-full of that scent, which was even stronger in the close
confines of the room. "Uh... Oh."

She half-broke from their embrace, turned around to face him. He admired
her fur, pure white with the faintest ultra-violet tinge, her amaranthine
eyes; he found his gaze dropping to her breasts... Just like a fluffy
white jumper; he could almost see the faint impression of nipples. "You
didn't see the documentation for this system? You don't know what season
it is?" Her wide-eyed look of surprise softened when she saw his
confusion; she turned away, grabbed his paws and placed them underneath
her breasts, snuggling back into his embrace. "It's bunny season, you
silly boy," she said, emphasising her meaning with another sensual
wriggle. Blushing again, he felt the start of an erection and realised 
innate knowledge that was part of the body-map Elil-Hrair-Rah came with 
that if he let it go much further, it would poke out of the sheath at his

Maeve took both his hands and moved them up from her belly to her softly
furred breasts, pushing his palms against her nipples and pressing gently.
With a suppleness that wasn't entirely human she half-turned her head,
leaned back and they kissed over her shoulder, rubbing whiskers and
causing her to arch her back with pleasure. He moaned softly, restraining
a full hard-on with an effort that was entirely wasted when she reached
back and rubbed his sheath. He couldn't prevent it, then; she squeezed the
furry pouch and with a twinge of relief it emerged. He had no idea of the
usual proportions of rabbit genitalia, but his penis fit comfortably in
her hand until she started sliding the sheath back and forth over the
base; it swelled to the point where she could only just maintain her

Awkwardly, he moved one hand down between her legs, slid his middle finger
between them. Everted from their fur covering, her lips were just as
swollen as his erection, pressed together tightly, hot and slick with
fluid. He knew where that arousing scent was coming from, now.

She leaned forward on her hands and knees, her tail high like an inverted
comma. His shyness fought with the desperate urge she was encouraging, and
lost. Carefully he guided his erection under her tail and into the wetness
that her tightly-squeezed thighs presented to him; the lips parted
stubbornly and then closed around the head with a stronger grip than her
hand had shown. "Now I've got you," she murmured, her voice thick with
desire. He pushed towards her, at first with short strokes and then more
confidently as more of his erection slid from his sheath. The scent was
almost overpowering, now; dizzily, he felt himself losing control and his
hips took over. He started thrusting more quickly, gripping the curve of
her hips for leverage.

On the inward stroke his shaft pressed up along the upper wall of her
vagina  where the system had mapped her g-spot to  and her lips pushed
his sheath back; on the outward stroke, the lips grabbed the head,
squeezing it. With her ears thrown forward, her elbows out, her breasts
brushing the ground, she slammed her hips against him with a motion that
would have been impossible for humans; it was so fast that the rubbing and
squeezing sensations blurred together into a slowly elevating sensation
ramp. He could sense being propelled, inevitably, towards orgasm; ever the
polite lover, he tried to hold off until she came first. It had been his
experience that once he'd come, it was more or less over for at least ten
minutes. Thankfully, the system's sensation filters allowed him the
control he needed; before he knew it, she accelerated her movements,
losing coordination slightly and causing a slight side-to-side motion
which almost brought him off. With a choked "ah-h-h", thigh-muscles
spasming, she shoved back against him hard, her arms straight, throwing
her head back, her ears flopping behind and missing his nose by less than
an inch. He held her tightly, riding it out, her lips squeezing him almost
painfully; she shuddered into a series of contractions about half a second
apart, then settled back to the floor and kept on thrusting. His eyes
wide, he didn't have the presence of mind to wonder; in any case, his
orgasm followed hot on the heels of hers.

It was (needless to say) unusual; instead of a steady peak to a brief
plateau and then collapse, it was more like a steep sine-wave; the
orgasmic contractions eased back into the rhythm of their coupling, the
heat washing through his body without interrupting. He felt the fluid
pulsing along the underside of his shaft and into her, but he didn't feel
that he was going to "shake for about thirty seconds and then fall over on
his side", as she'd once described real-world rabbit copulation to him.
Within minutes, she'd come again, and again just before his second orgasm.
It took a bit of fine-tuning, but they'd managed to synchronise before
they ran out of energy. Their last  eighth  climax drained them both; he
slumped over her back, panting.

"Oh, I cain't do it no more!" he gasped in a corn-pone accent. She laughed
as well as she could, being just as short of breath as he was. They
collapsed in a furry heap on the scuffed floor of the warren, huddled
together, their heaving sides pushing against each other.

Eventually their breathing returned to normal; as he was casting about for
something clever to say, she beat him to it:

"Care for a carrot?"

He stared at her for a second and then collapsed with laughter.