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From: (the reverse-psychology major)
Subject: Re: 10 word, beelzibub sells out [with 10 word 'ps']
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Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1996 06:56:48 GMT
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In article <57pp3n$>,
Larry Doering <> wrote:
>In article <>,
>the reverse-psychology major <> wrote:
>>... went to the mall today. bought levis five zero ones's.
>Well, when your fingers are raw and bleeding and you're
>weeping bitter tears of frustration from attempting to
>do and undo those stupid fly buttons, don't come crying

... ok you fuckin' piece of shit!!! i read this last night
BUT it was fts day [you posted it the day before, ok? do you
remember now, git?] so i did not reply, however, now it's
dec, 2 [the day after, git] so i shall inform you that i 
am well aware that the buttons suck [like you] so i will 
just piss in my pants ok? 

     i don't have to undo the fly to moon you!!!

    i'm getting 505's tomorrow

this is my .sig. it's one of the best .sigs on the 'net'. i know what 
you're thinking: 'did he post 5 or 6 articles'? to tell you the truth i
kinda lost track myself. so you gotta ask yourself one question: 'have
you mamorized it yet?' huh, have you punk? go for it. make my bed.