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Subject: Re: So who's this Garcia dude, anyway?
Date: 5 Dec 1996 01:41:38 GMT
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In <> Zero Cool <> writes: 
>Carolyn Bahm wrote:
>> Hi, I thought talk.bizarre had some interesting subject headers and
>> in a comment of mine recently. It was on the  *deeply intellectual*
>> of Jesus in my washing machine, a string that someone else started;
>> comment seemed about in line with the silliness others had entered
>> previously, or so I thought. Looked like fun. I got what I presume 
>> *supposed* to be a  coolly intellectual dissection of my contrib by
>> e-mail, courtesy of  Anthony Garcia. Who is he, other than a jerk?
>> - Carolyn Bahm
>Well come to the real world baby!

Anthony Garcia is the self-appointed Heirarch, the High Ombudsman of
Cultural Relevance, the All-Knowing Arbiter of Intellectual Profundity,
the Resident Guildmaster of In-Jokes, the Great Gatekeeper, the
Esteemed Inquisitor, the Most Exalted Guardian of Political Correctness
and Appropriate Humour, and the Omnipotent Imprimaturator of all
materials which deign to take up residence in talk.bizarre.   It is He
and only He who has the power, the knowledge, indeed the perspicacity
to deem YOUR contribution relevant; it is only He who can put the
coveted talk.bizarre STAMP OF APPROVAL (tm) on all that you, in your
simpering, neophyte folly, would dare to proffer to this Hallowed

So quake in his Holy presence, ye infidel!   For ye are not worthy of a
place in this newsgroup, but for the the grace that Garcia, He of the
Inscrutible Wisdom and Infinite Mercy, bestows upon ye.   Only He can
declare your contributions to talk.bizarre "right and appropriate";
only He can, pass judgement upon your perfidious, ignoble remarks;  and
only He, through the mysterious powers of His Holy Hand, can save your
wretched soul from the most venal sin in the talk.bizarre pantheon of
evils: being "boring" (in the eyes of Garcia, of course!)

For that is why they call him, Anthony Garcia, El Exigente!

Tony (Anthony Gomez)