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pat wrote:
> In article <>, says...
> >


> >
> >This is pretty fascinating - since Shakespeare uses the phrase in one
> of
> >his plays, "and blow hurricanoes" - which I had always thought to be an
> >anachronism or something - I had been wondering how the heck the Bard
> >had heard of the word Hurricane, which was a Carib Indian word for Evil
> >Wind or something like that.
> >
> >I had though somehow that Shakespeare came before the discovery of the
> >New World, but on looking up his history, I see that he came after
> >Columbus. I'm somewhat amazed that he never did any works concerning
> the
> >Americas.
> >
> >
> Not enough politcs,  nothing to fight over,  too many diseases,
> biting bugs and murderous savages.  europe was interesting to
> the average european of 1600,  the Americas were pretty drab,
> except to dead-beats, convicts, bigamists and adventurers.
> It's why we don't do plays today about love-canal and Anacostia,
> far too depressing.

Hey, well, I know a lot of Goths like to be depressed. Maybe we can do a
gothic work of angst and alienation involving some goths and anacostia?
Sort of like _Do the Right thing_ from a gothic point of view? Some
goths go to a Cure concert at RFK stadium, lose contact with their
driver, and have to walk through Anacostia to get to the Metro Station,
precipitating riots as they go. Actually, we can almost throw in Love
Canal,  instead of having to walk through Anacostia they have to walk
across _the_ Anacostia, and halfway across one of them falls through the
crust, is exposed to the water and mutates horrifically throughout the
rest of the movie.

Actually, this wouldn't be far from the truth, well, after my one and
only Grateful Dead concert (I know now why most of my friends, who've
been to several, are so terminally weird), I was hanging at some folks
house down around 15th and Constitution SE, and all of the hippies
walking back to Metro marched onward through a hail of bottles and cans
tossed by the locals who didn't like those damned hippies who had
basically blown into town and camped on people's lawns waiting for the
show to start. Change the hippies to goths and make the movie a sordid
and angst-ridden saga of humiliation, abuse,
mutation-due-to-toxic-waste, insanity-due-to-excessive-crack-use,
corporate/industrial scamming on the EPA regs, Mayor Barry and the
police department's inability to control the streets...

Sure it'd be depressing as hell, but so was Camus and he got the Nobel
or maybe the Pulitzer or something.

> pat

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