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In <581llb$> (Tony)
>Did Nostradamus mean "Hitler" when he said this?   Or "hysteria"?

he was speaking of a ruler; a person. it's commonly believed that he
was referring to adolph hitler.

You wrote: 
>okay.  you say i'm mean spirited?  

absolutely. no doubt. sorry.

>when i actually *have* prayed for you?  

again, sorry, but i don't need prayers from someone like you.

>and it has absolutely nothing to do with the t&n junk...i could 
>care less what your opinion is on that.  i was under the impression
>that you were a say you don't believe anymore because
>of people like, that's not a good reason to believe that Christ
>saved us 
from death and is our friend.  

friend? please. and all his little followers are 'friends' like you?
yeah, i'm bitter about my relationship with god, but from the posts
i've seen and the emails i've received (from you and others), it never
appeared to m
e that you were a christian, either. just the angry sister of a t&n
band member. angry because so many people on rmc were speaking their

>anyway, the point is that you do indeed disturb me, and i've at least
>hinted that to you in previous emails (not that we've even exchanged
>email often) and i found you to be a bad example to others in this

thanks. that was amusing. you found. and your opinion about that

>can you even compare some of your mean and low sarcasm to me genuinely
>saying i pray for you?  

absolutely. you've never appeared genuine. when you say you'll pray for
someone, it's always in the middle of you insulting them, so everyone
thinks you're saying you'll pray for someone because you think you're
better th
an them. faaaar from it. i'm not even close to he only person who feels
this way.
and besides, show me one post besides my boycott of t&n where i was
mean to anyone. fact is, and others have said this too, that you lashed
out at me origionally because i made a comment about a record label
that your bro
ther is on. you never even tried to be objective. of course, it is
impossible to be, when someone you love is so close to the situation.

>or such a cliche comment like "if you ignore him maybe he'll go
>away?", come on!
>kindness is one of the fundamental results of Christianity, 

so, by your logic, you're not a chistian, either.

>and reading through some of your posts, i can't remember one that
>illustrates kindness.  

do i need to say anything here. do you like digging holes to fall into?

>so how can you judge me for being mean spirited and a pompus jerk when
>i actually *do* care.  

easily. the same way you can say the things you've said about me. you
don't seem to be much different, and as far as an example, you'll
excuse me but i've never seen you be a good one, either. but of course,
you don't car
e about that anyway.

>ask anyone who knows me...anyone at all, if i'm a mean, hurtful
>person, a pompus jerk..they'd laugh in your face.  

it goes both ways. if you asked anyone who knows me if i was all the
things you've called me, they'd think you were way off as well.

>you don't know me..i don't know you, but i know you are mean and 
>sarcastic and that that isn't a keen attitude to have, 

um, you 'don't know me, but you know...' you should have stopped at the
first sentence. veronica, you don't know _anything_ about me. nothing.
anything you _think_ you know about me is clouded by your consistent
failure t
o be objective.

>especially if you're dealing with new christians (who potentially
>visit that newsgroup to find 'cool' christian music) or whatever.

i understand what you're saying here, but it totally invalidates your
prior sentence where you say 'that's not a good reason to believe.'
either our actions influence others or they don't. period. it doesn't
go both ways.
 in other words, you can't say that your actions shouldn't stop me from
believing in christ, and then in another paragraph, say that my actions
will influence other's beliefs, actions, etc. totally hypocritical.

>my apology probably means nothing to you, but i'm sorry if i "hurt" 
>you..that wasn't my intention.  

your apology does mean something, but i must say:

are you serious? you could have fooled me. 
bottom line - you had absolutely _nothing_ to do with that 'cd repair'
scam, but you threw your .02 in anyway, without knowing _jack_ about
the situation, just because you saw my name. 

>i only meant to agree with who i was replying to..

um, he was asking a question (what's with this guy?), because he was
pissed at being caught and reported to his service provider for his
little scam. he never made any statement. what were you attempting to
'agree' with?

>and as far as embarassing you, too bad.  

and as far as making a bitter fool out of yourself for butting into
something that had nothing to do with you, just because you saw
someone's name? too bad?

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