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From: (Scott Dorsey)
Subject: Re: Xtocracy
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Date: Sun, 1 Dec 1996 06:35:41 GMT
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In article <57qenn$> x@fwi.uva.null (X) writes:
>The moral decay and bankruptcy of our democracy!!

I agree, and I fight against Xtocracy.  I believe in choice, I do, and
that's important.

There are people who choose to use SunView.  There are people who choose
to use Layers.  And I, for one, think they should be allowed to continue.
So I will put my two cents in and say that although I do use it myself,
I don't think it should be mandated for everyone.  Xtocracy is another 
example of overzealous promotion of a good idea that stands to destroy
that idea itself.
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