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Subject: Re: The importance of tomatoes in the development of U.S. aircraft
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 1996 23:23:51 -0600
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+>You may think this is the most stupid subject in the word, but it is
+>  Do You have any ideia of the importance of this vegetable in a
+>pilote's mind. Well, you shud. 
+>  Put your mind at work and tell me what doyou think about this!!!!

Piloting requires attention to the moist pulpy interior.  Overripeness is
not a factor, but can increase the incidence of "bird-hits" which can
crack the exterior of the aircraft and blend the ingredients into a tasty
sauce.  A food processor can be used in this step, but you will lose some
of the tangy flavor required by the FAA.  The investigation into the
downing of a botulism-laden can of Hunt's special stewed tomatoes is
certainly being hampered by the unknown origin of the original tomatoes,
although they are thought to have come from Mrs. Dilneck's garden, which
also produced some of the first commercial aircraft.

The Dancing Ape