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From: (kevbob)
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Subject: Re: You people are rutabagas
Date: 1 Dec 1996 02:46:00 GMT
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no, you are are wrong.  sorry.

In article <>, (lmerkel on BIX) wrote:

>  yeah ... and I can prove it. You are what you eat, and somewhere
>  along the line you ate a rutabaga. If not at home or in a restaurant,
>  or very possibly while tailgating at a football game, then you 
>  ate a half-dozen rutabagas when the visitors from Zeta Reticuli
>  picked you up, took you into their incredibly advanced timespace
>  vehicle, made you eat a real meal, and put you back down without
>  a trace of it in memory. ... yeah. ... except maybe a burp.
>  -- Lee Merkel
"Be my self, wanna be my self."  -Front 242
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