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From: (Moonie)
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Subject: Re: You people are rutabagas
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 1996 05:39:56 GMT
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On 1 Dec 1996 02:46:00 GMT, (kevbob) wrote:

>no, you are are wrong.  sorry.
>In article <>, (lmerkel on BIX) wrote:
>>  yeah ... and I can prove it. You are what you eat, and somewhere
>>  along the line you ate a rutabaga. If not at home or in a restaurant,
>>  or very possibly while tailgating at a football game, then you 
>>  ate a half-dozen rutabagas when the visitors from Zeta Reticuli
>>  picked you up, took you into their incredibly advanced timespace
>>  vehicle, made you eat a real meal, and put you back down without
>>  a trace of it in memory. ... yeah. ... except maybe a burp.
>>  -- Lee Merkel
>"Be my self, wanna be my self."  -Front 242
>Non solum anima sed etiam deo careo.  -RKBINC

I have never eaten a rutabega......I have never even thought of eating
a rutabaga. If I am what I eat....I am NOT a rutabaga....I am a Big
Mac and fries with a drink on the side. 
I don't even know what a rutabaga looks like. It could be red and
furry with funny little eyes and taste like chicken......but I
wouldn't know 'cause I've never seen one.....I've never smelled
one....and I've never eaten one.
I think everyone could be a carrot, or an onion, or a potato {I know
some personally, the couch kind}, or even a tomato.......but not I.

Moonie......The Moon Goddess.

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chocolate revolver, and since he is so busy, you'd
probably have to run up and hand it to him."
               Jack Handey

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thinking that the state-appointed Psychiatrist is 
our 'friend'."
               Jack Handey