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From: (Brian Cash)
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Subject: Rebirth
Date: Sun, 01 Dec 96 04:31:09 GMT
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"Did you hear about Sam?"
Alice, a middle-aged housewife and mother of three turned
her head at the question.  It came from Ruby, her best friend;
also a homemaker and mother.
"Hear about it?  Why I've seen him!  I talked to him just the
other day."
Ruby put down her Cosmo (actually, it was the property of the
hair salon they were in) and leaned over to Alice.
"Is it true?  Did he act...weird?"
"I'll say!  I'm out pulling weeds in the lawn--you know how bad it
gets this time of year--and along comes Sam, smiling and bouncing
along like it was some sort of holiday..."
"Well, he never did that before."
"Wait, it gets better.  He comes skipping along like little kid, and do
you know what he says to me?"
"He says 'Happy being, Mrs. Therson!'"
"Happy being?  What does that mean?"
"I have no idea.  Then he asks me what I was doing.  So I say, 'Well, I'm pulling weeds, Sam'
And do you know what he says about that?"
"No, what?"
"He says 'Weeds grow in the mind, not in the ground.'  Then he starts to laugh and skips
on down the street."
"My!  What did you do?"
"What could I do?  I kept on pulling weeds."

Brian /-|-\ "Amen."

To each, my own.