Article: 288579 of talk.bizarre
From: (Brian Cash)
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: Avatar
Date: Sun, 01 Dec 96 05:09:20 GMT
Organization: Anet News Services
Lines: 18
Message-ID: <57rl40$>

Message decoded 03:52 CST December 1, 1996 from CETA location 5.
Priority Rebel. Security level Panther.

Words of dubious translation marked in {}.
Message as follows:

We are the bringers of light.
We are the (listeners) of the way.
We bring the living (pain) to the worlds.
We have the hope that the way us will (hear) together.
We are coming.

End transmission.

Brian /-|-\ "...the Eternal Judge of both quick and dead.  Amen."

To each, my own.