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From: (Brian Cash)
Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
Subject: Loophole
Date: Sun, 01 Dec 96 05:24:23 GMT
Organization: Anet News Services
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I have the secret.
THE secret.  The big one.  The one everyone is after.
I know how not to die.

There isn't much to it, really.  I doubt I was the first to find it,
it is so simple.  But I found it myself, so I can't say if others
know it yet.  As far as I can tell; I'm the only one.

Do you want to know?  Of course you do...everyone does.  With all
the money and effort people go through to add a few years on to
their lives, what do you think they would do to become immortal?

Well, don't worry.  It doesn't take effort (well, not much) and it doesn't
take money.  It doesn't take faith, smarts, or magic.  Anyone can do it.
You can do it.

Here is the secret: don't die.
Don't become ill, don't get hit by a bus, don't get shot, don't suffer genetic death.
If you don't let it happen, it can't.
I don't understand why everyone lets anything but life happen to them.
I guess they don't know the secret.
Well I do.  And it has worked for me. So far.

Brian /-|-\ "That is my opinion."

To each, my own.